Our focus this month in counseling is on SAFETY. We have had lessons for K-2 on keeping our bodies safe. Our 3-4 grade students have focused on staying safe and saying no to drugs by using GOOD CHARACTER. 5th grade students are working hard on Red Ribbon Week planning and worked on cyber-safety lessons. Thank you to the 6th graders who are always willing to help inform VES students and staff about bullying behaviors and working so hard on understanding cyber-safety.

Dealing with Bullying behaviors:

It's NOT your fault!
A bully doesn't pick on you because of something you did. The bully is picking on you because of the way he or she feels.
IF you SEE someone being bullied:
1. Remember - it's not the victim's fault!
2. Don't let the victim be alone!
3. Tell an adult!
The SOONER you act the SOONER the bullying will STOP!

INFORMATION from "Study Tips: Dealing with Bullies" from THE PARENT INSTITUTE. www.parent-institute.com